Posted by: Beautiful Bettas | February 13, 2012

Betta Hold policy

For Shipping Purchases

When someone asks me to hold a betta for them, I mark the person’s name by it. I will hold a betta for up to ONE WEEK from the date of request. You must pay for the fish within 3 days of requesting that the fish be held (pay pal) if they are too be shipped. This indicates to me that you are serious about wanting them and it also gives me time to prepare the fish for shipment on Saturday or Monday/Tuesday depending on shipping method.

If someone has not paid and ceases communication, I contact each person one more time notifying the person that the reservation request will be terminated if I do not hear back within 24 hours. Often I have multiple people requesting the same fish so this is how I try to be fair to everyone.

LOCAL Pickup

I will hold a betta for up to ONE WEEK from the date of request. This hold period is at my discretion. I consider myself a reasonable person and am willing to work with you if you suddenly cannot meet to pickup fish on the date/time requested. However, this is ONLY if you communicate with me. If you suddenly find you have a doctors appointment the day you are supposed to meet, call or e-mail me and let me know you might not be on time or if you are that uncertain schedule another day. I check my e-mail a few times throughout the day and if it is a local purchase, you likely have my phone number as well. Realize that I work full time so in order to meet people in the evenings I have to get up very early, bag up the fish requested, take them to work with me and then meet at the meeting location. If you don’t show up, that means the poor fish have been in bags all day for no reason!

If you do not show up to pick up the fish and fail to communicate  I will remove your name from the fish. I realize things come up but it is common courtesty to communicate if you cannot meet Please do not ask me to hold fish if you are not certain that you will be able to pick up or pay for the fish. If you do this, I will not hold fish for you in the future. I hold fish without payment as a courtesy only. I can and do ship fish so if you are a couple of hours away in Florida, it may be cheaper to have the fish mailed to you than it would be to pay for gas ($15 for prioirty mail with heat pack if needed).


Local Pickup: Cash only upon meeting or PayPal in advance.

Shipping: PayPal Only

NOTE: If a fish has been paid for via Paypal, I will hold it for up to 14 days but you must either pick it up or pay for shipping if you cannot collect the fish in that time frame. Please verify that the fish you want is still available before paying for it. My paypal e-mail address is not the same as my contact e-mail so I will also give you that when you ask about a particular fish.


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