Posted by: Beautiful Bettas | February 13, 2012

Where do I get… ?

People sometimes ask where I get  different betta supplies.  So, I wanted to share some of the products, companies and websites that I use.

Water Conditioners and Medication

  • Prime: This is my water conditioner of choice. I usually purchase it at but you can also find it locally at places like petsmart. Petmountain is also a good place to check since they sometimes have sales that make the prices lower than
  • Hikari Betta Revive: This is an all-in-one scatter shot approach to betta parasite and bacterial diseases. It does seem to work on many illnesses and the dosage is 1 drop per 16oz so it scales down. They unfortunately do not make a larger version so it can get expensive. I usually treat bettas in smaller containers and then move then back to larger containers after treatment is completed. VERY important to change 100% of the water each day with new dose for it to be effective. My local Petco also carries it but I do not know if all Petco stores do. Petmountain also carries this product.
  • Aquarisol: Good betta velvet/ich preventative.

Adult Betta Food

  • Atison betta pro: (Ocean Nutrition) This is no longer manufactured but the remaining supply is available through the International Betta Congress. It can make some fish float so feed carefully. I tend to alternate with this and the new life spectrum betta food.
  • New life spectrum betta food (adult). or ( has low shipping so if you just need food, it is a better choice).
  • New life spectrum thera A: good choice for bettas that have ich or velvet, seems to help them get over it quicker. Make sure they are used to the food before they become ill because the pellets are  a bit different than the NLS betta food and grow.
  • Hikari betta biogold: I sometimes use this food for newly jarred juveniles or adult bettas that have smaller mouths because it has a smaller pellet size than the Atison Betta Pro. It can be purchased at, Vitacost appears to be the cheapest currently. If you live in Gainesville, Petco does carry the larger 20 gram size but it ends up being around $8.50 after tax which is higher priced than if purchased online.

Baby Betta (Fry) Food

  • Brine Shrimp eggs/cysts for hatching out baby brine shrimp: Brineshrimp Direct. If you can afford it, buy the premium eggs because you get fewer egg shells that can harm fry and more bbs for only a few dollars more than the lower grades of eggs. A pound is expensive but unless you raise hundreds/thousands of bettas or other fry, you probably don’t need that much. I ordered 4oz and it has lasted me several months feeding baby brine shrimp for one feeding and banana/walter worms for the second feeding.
  • Arctic Copopods: This is something that Brineshrimp Direct also sells and young fry 4-5 weeks old seem to like these as part of the diet. It does take them a couple of feedings to get used to them.  Don’t panic at the price, you only need to purchase a very small amount as a little goes a very long way.
  • Brine Shrimp Hatchery: This hatchery base makes hatching brine shrimp easy. You do need to make sure your soda bottle is tightened very well or it may leak. I placed mine in a small plastic ziploc style container just in case, but so far, no leaks after I tightened it further.
  • New life spectrum grow (for fry 5-6 weeks and older):


  • CCW plastics offers some nice jars. I use the 3/4 gallon squares (5.5″ X 6.5″) size for large fish and the case price is $32 (16 jars) and includes shipping. You can also get plastic fishbowls but they do not fit nearly as nicely on a shelf.
  • Beanie Baby cases: These cases hold about 1/2 gallon and are nicely modular. Product Zoo is the only place left that sells them in quantity at a discount. The company  does not respond by e-mail (beyond sending shipping charge amounts) so call them by phone if you need to contact the company. Shipping can also be a bit slow so plan to order a bit in advance of when you need the containers.

Shipping Supplies

  • Small quantities of bags or heat packs can be purchased through Aquabid. The two sellers I have purchased through are Mvp and Aqpkg. Remember shipping bags should have a diameter of 3 or 4 inches. If you are showing fish you can ship to the show in 3″ bags but must include 4″ bags for the fish to be shipped back (easier to get the fish in the larger diameter bags).
  • Cases of 1,000 bags (3 or 4″ ) can be purchased through Uline. 2 or 3ml is a sufficient thickness.

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