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I have been breeding and raising bettas on and off for the last 22 years as a hobby. I have started raising these beautiful fish again recently and am working  with Halfmoon bettas. My favorite type of betta is the marble betta. These fish are capable of some amazing color changes and it is not uncommon for a fish to be solid colored and then within a period of days or weeks to lose all color. I have had fish go from cellophane (no color) to fully colored and from solid colored to light colored. The ideal marble betta is one that has about a 50/50 pattern of light and dark. They can be a little frustrating to work with since they do not always stop color shifting when I would like so that perfect marble pattern may vanish as quick as it appears. Still, I am one of those people who loves variety so they suit me well.


I am located in North Central Florida.

Selling and Shipping Fish

I do sell and ship fish within the continental United States. I sometimes list fish on Aquabid but also often sell them off auction.  Please feel free to contact me using the form below.


Priority shipping is $15 and express mail is $35. A heatpack if needed is $2 and I use 72 hour heat packs in case the fish get stuck in the mail for an extra day or two. Fish are insulated either with styrofoam sheeting or 3″ roll insulation (sometimes both if it is cold enough).




  1. Nice site! I started mine a few years ago when I first started breeding bettas and it is neat to look back and see how far you come. I like your header.. looks real nice. Good luck

    • Thanks. You do have a nice extensive blog. I may get there eventually 🙂

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