Breeding Bettas: Getting your pair ready to breed

Conditioning the Betta Pair

Feed the male and female as much as they can consume in a two minute period 2-3 times a day for two weeks. Make sure the fish are carded (have something preventing them from seeing other bettas).

Ready to Breed?

Marble male with bubble nest

This male is in breeding condition. See the bubble nest in the top left corner?

Ideally when your fish are ready to breed, your male will be brightly colored and will be blowing a nice bubble nest in his bowl or jar.

The female will be plump in the front with an obvious “white dot” on her belly right behind the ventral fins. Many darker colored females will show vertical bars when shown a male betta and they should flare at the male. If she loses color and tries to get away when shown a male, she is not in breeding condition and should not be set up to breed with a male. Some marble females will never show bars even if the fish is a darker color like blue. Light colored females will not show bars.

Female betta with breeding stripes

Female showing vertical bars when shown a male. If you have a dark female, you want this, horizontal stripes on the other hand are a sign of fear. Light bodied females and some marble bettas will not show stripes when ready to breed.



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