Posted by: Beautiful Bettas | August 26, 2016

Feeding bettas Repashy gel food

Repashy gel foods can be a good food to rotate with betta fry ( 3-4 weeks +) and if you are careful, with adult bettas. The smaller particles don’t always get eaten so unless you have snails in your aquariums and / or individual betta containers, keeping an eye on water quality is a big MUST. Using gel food can enhance growth but can also increase the risk of disease if the smallest pieces decay in the water.

If I offer it to adult bettas, I do so right before I am going to change their water to make sure no tiny particles remain. With fry tanks I wipe the bottom of the aquarium with a paper towel before siphoning so that food and detritus is easier to remove from the bottom (otherwise it tends to stick to the biofilm).

Making the gel food is ease. 3 parts water to 1 part food. Microwave in a glass measuring cup until boiling. Then pour into a container to cool. This does work but when it’s time to feed, I always have to slice off a piece. Not horribly time consuming, however the side where the piece is sliced will break down faster in the water. I was certain there had to be a better way.

I thought surely there was something that would work for mini molds…. MINI ICE CUBE TRAYS. I couldn’t find any locally so finally resorted to Amazon and to my delight, they had 2 mini trays for $6 with shipping (I have amazon prime)! One cube is just about the perfect size for young fry and if a smaller cube is needed, I can just fill the cells half way!

This idea worked very well in practice, with one exception. The solidified gel food just won’t come out no matter how much the tray is banged or twisted. I ended up using a toothpick to gently pop out each cube and then placed them in 4 oz baby food jars for storage in the refrigerator. Gel food must be refrigerated and used within a week or two. I try to make the amount I will use in a week because the fish start to get less enthused the older the food becomes.

The mini cubes are nice because I can just toss one in the betta fry aquarium and continue on with life.

repashy gel food - shaped using mini ice cube trays

repashy gel food – shaped using mini ice cube trays

repashy gel food - shaped using mini ice cube trays

repashy gel food – shaped using mini ice cube trays


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