Posted by: Beautiful Bettas | July 30, 2016

Mystery Snail Experiments

Mystery snails are another excellent betta aquarium clean up crew. They are easier to control reproductively as the water level must be lowered 3-5 ” for them to lay eggs. Right now I actually have a 40 gallon that contains ONLY mystery snails just for fun. There are 10 magenta, 2 ivory, 4 blacks (wild colored), 5 gold and 1 blue.

Two large clutches were laid July 25th and 26th and two more very small ones were laid July 30th. The first two were likely from the gold or ivory mystery snails and the second two are probably from the blacks or blue (The magenta snails are not big enough to breed yet).


mystery snail egg clutch

mystery snail egg clutch


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