Posted by: Beautiful Bettas | October 25, 2012

New accidental betta spawn 10-21-2012

Cup with female that spawned

This gives you an idea of just how tiny these cups are

I now have great admiration for betta perseverance to survive and reproduce. I had 5 females and a male coexisting in a 10 gallon with a few bottom feeders at work. The pump must have failed over the weekend temporarily as all bottom feeders died making the tank a disgusting smelly mess. The bettas however survived. I fished them out but all that was available to put them in was 10 oz solo clear plastic cups. I changed the water each day and they stayed there for two weeks so that I could get the aquarium straightened out again.

Well, I came into work Monday this week and two of the bettas were not in their cups (I had placed paper plates over the cups to try to keep them from jumping out as I knew they wouldn’t like a space that small 😦 ). One was a crispy critter (my favorite female of course) but the other female had actually jumped in with the male into his 10 oz cup and they had SPAWNED!

I give the male credit, maybe it was because they had lived together for so long but he did not harm the female, it was quite difficult to get her out of the cup but she is absolutely fine and recovering with some banana leaves in her water.

Despite all my betta breeding, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with a spawn in a 10 oz unheated cup. I had also ended up destroying the males nest trying to fish the female out with a couple of fingers. Undaunted he rebuilt the nest but the water was pretty filmy looking. Thinking I had nothing to loose I filled up a 1 gallon round vase dechlorinated the water and added some banana leaves. I floated the male’s cup for an hour and carefully poured the cup into the vase. The nest stuck so I ended up destroying it again trying to get it out of the cup. The male rebuilt it again (good daddy). I placed the vase under my plant lamp, put a plastic shopping bag over top and a notepad on top of that (to block the light which the male did not like).

By Tuesday afternoon there were two babies hanging from the nest and I was impressed by that. I could not come into work Wednesday but thought with the cooler water they would not be freeswimming that day.

One gallon jar to which the male and spawn were moved

One gallon jar to which the male and spawn were moved

Fast forward to Thursday, There are at least 50 babies hanging from the nest and they are strong. Daddy is guarding them but not having to chase them really. I am hoping they will be freeswimming by Friday afternoon and then I can take them home and move them to a heated aquarium.

Male tending his babies

The parents are from spawn #2, and they were a week shy of  being one year old when they spawned! A copper marble butterfly male and sibling turquoise marble female so I would expect the babies to be delta tails/super deltas if they survive…


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