Posted by: Beautiful Bettas | February 28, 2012

New! Betta Grab Bag

female betta

What will you get?

Since I rarely have time to photograph all available bettas, I will be offering a limited number of “betta grab bags”.  These grab bags will  be priced at $20 and will contain 5 bettas. The grab bags may be anything from extra males or females to unsexed fry and retired breeders. If asking to purchase a grab bag, you cannot request color, age, gender or photographs of the fish. If you do not mind a surprise, it is a way to get some nice bettas at a reduced cost. I am fine with telling you who the parents are of the fish you will be getting if they are bettas I have raised. If they are bettas that have been purchased from other breeders, I may not always have that information to give. Please inquire of a grab bag is currently available as I may not always have enough extra fish to offer this on a constant basis.


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