Posted by: Beautiful Bettas | February 27, 2012

New Betta Breeding Pairs !

I have three new pairs of bettas that I am very excited about. They have been purchased to breed so won’t be offered for sale but you might see some of their offspring in a couple of months if they spawn for me. Two pairs are from one of the top winning IBC show breeders: A salamander butterfly pair (purple bodied with purple band and whiter outer edges of fins) and a green multi color pair (green/red with the female having some white edging).

The third pair was imported directly from Thailand. The male is an absolutely amazing halfmoon white bodied male with blue patterning throughout his fins. The female that came with him is platinum/opaque with a little blue streaking in her fins. She is very close to being halfmoon if not halfmoon.

Platinum blue tinged import female

Light bodied blue finned male betta

Light bodied blue finned halfmoon male betta


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